Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We won't/can't sell without one. You really need your doctor to go over your condition and decide if this medication is right for you. We can't give any medical advice. **Due to the nature of prescription medications, we strongly advise you NOT to buy any medications online from any site that does not require a prescription. You're playing with fire...
You can scan it then send it to support[at]harvonihepccure.com You can fax it to us via our toll free fax number, 1-877-499-6696 You can mail it to CPS, PO Box 1555, Ellensburg, WA, 98926 To keep you from wondering whether it got to us, we'll call you and confirm we've received it, during our normal office hours.
Absolutely! Don't buy into the negative propaganda! All of the products we sell are made in USFDA approved facilities. Dr. Reddy's Laboratories, the manufacturer of our top seller Resof L, currently has 59 different generic medications for sale on shelves in US pharmacies. Visit or Generic Manufacturers page to learn more.
We don't think they're low enough! We think the brand name Harvoni is too high. Outside of The USA and Canada, the prices are lower on all medications. We're just bringing those products to you. We add on more to guarantee delivery and also for our guarantee that you get your money back if it doesn't work for you. You could access these meds cheaper if you go to India, but then you have to pay flights and hotels and find a reputable supplier and there's no money back guarantee.
-We're experts in mail order pharmacy. 17 years and growing as we bring on more products like this that only the rich can afford. -We guarantee authenticity of all the medications we sell. We have long term established relationships with licensed FDA approved manufacturers and licensed wholesalers around the world. -We guarantee you'll get your order. We know how to access offshore and out of country medications, removing the risk of your order being held at customs or refused entry into the country. -Risk free money back guarantee. NO ONE ELSE does that! -We're accessible, with live employees in The USA and Canada. -You'll save a ton of cash!